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Tamara Lewis

Teacher-Trainer/Researcher, Global Citizenship Research Group; Senior Lecturer, International and European Law

Published onMay 06, 2023
Tamara Lewis

Tamara N. Lewis Arredondo works as a teacher-trainer, lecturer and researcher at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. She was born and raised in the United States and holds degrees from both US and Dutch universities.

Lewis’ research interests are in the field of International Human Rights Law. She currently engages with ways to broaden the human rights narrative to include other than humans, technology and decolonial narratives.

CitizenshipDebates is Lewis’ brainchild. She envisions a platform to share resources and enter into dialogue about how to reach a more equitable and inclusive pedagogy for teaching international human rights law. Her work is collaborative and includes students from the university, especially those studying in the International and European Law Department. Students join as 4th year researchers for an Applied Research Project (ARP).

You can read Tamara’s research on SSRN and see more about her work (or connect professionally) on LinkedIn.

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